Company Profile

Seatrag Autostrade del Mare S.r.l. is a terminal operator in the Port of Livorno pursuant to article 16/18 L.84/94 specialized in embark/disembark services on RO-RO/RO-ROPAX vessels that identified Autostrade del Mare as its “Core Business”.

In the last few years ship owners have increased their shipping services to create an integrated international logistic system based on maritime transport to meet the needs of its clientele.

Our Company is a strong point in the logistic chain, providing a high-quality, flexible and efficient service to ship-owners through a specific Ro-Ro/Ro-Ro Pax terminal.

Our Company strongly believes in the role of high-quality human resources as a key factor to top services. For this reason we arrange ad hoc training programs specific for its organization.

Collaboration with shipping companies such as Grimaldi Lines and Forship (Sardinia Ferries Corsica Ferries) plays a critical role for the Company as well.

These companies provide a top quality service to maritime carriers through fast connection times and comfortable driver cabins. These services efficiently exemplify the “Motorways of the Sea” project, to which either Ministries, Port Authorities and trade associations have given prominence, to decrease the impact of trucks congestion on Italian Motorways.

In its terminal Seatrag Autostrade del Mare has also created a special area with a non-EU vehicles and passengers departure and arrival Gate, using it twice a week as Area Extra Schengen Gate.


Area Riservata